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About Me


Ok so the thing you have probably already guessed about me is that I LOVE  the colour pink.  My best friend says that if we are walking through the shops and I see something pink it's like a bright light pulling me towards it...  And so, when I was designing my marketing materials and website for my business in my head, they were always going to be pink!  Please don't let my love of pink put you off... I am actually a really normal person!


So I decided to become a celebrant because I love to meet new people and I love to organise things.  I'm a Virgo and it's just who we are lol.  I've studied event management and love to make lists so you should know that I am super organised and will never let you or your family down.


I am also a HUGE romantic.  Some of my all time favourite movies and books are romance orientated... And who could ever forget the whole wedding planning storyline of Sex in the City?  To this day, the Beethoven poems that Carrie and Big read to each other are some of my favourite wedding readings... And then there is one of my favoutite books:  Napoleon's love letters to Josephine.  I mean seriously, this was the era when men really did know what romance was... imagine receiving enough love letters from a guy that they could publish them in an entire book! 


I am fun, friendly and outgoing and some might say a little bit quirky.  I like to think outside the square and will use all of these personal qualities and my fascination with a good love story when working with you to design a ceremony format that reflects exactly who you and your family are.  I am extremely sentimental and believe in the treasures that special memories give us and so know exactly how important this special occasion is for you.


So that said, if you need an awesome celebrant to conduct your Wedding Ceremony (in whatever form) or Naming Day, please give me a call on 0414 863 495 so we can have a chat and you can get to know me a little better...