How important is choosing the right celebrant?

Okay, so as this cheeky photo indicates, your wedding should be exactly the way you want it to be. When choosing your photographer it's important to pick someone that is similar to you and will do whatever it is you want them to do. Choosing a celebrant should be exactly the same. There are a lot of us out there so a lot of brides shop around to find the cheapest celebrant they can find. Some people think that they are better saving money on the celebrant and spending it on the glitz and glamour of their reception.... Many people I speak to say they remember the wedding ceremony with much more detail and fondness then they ever do the reception. Trust me, guests remember a ceremony where the celebrant has 'nailed' the bride and groom's relationship and inserted insightful and meaningful bits and pieces about them into the ceremony.... So my tip to everyone out there planning a wedding is approach choosing your celebrant in the same way that you do other significant things such as your venue and your photographer. We're all equally as important and together we will make your perfect day! (P.S. Seriously, how great is this photo??? What an awesome bride and groom!)

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