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I'm a big believer that everyone is different and therefore everybody's idea of their wedding day is different.  Some people want a die-hard romance theme (think 'The Notebook') while others see themsleves as a little bit quirky and a little bit fun (think  Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in 'The Proposal) . 


Regardless of your style, we can work together to create a ceremony that reflects your personalities and makes everyone happy.  It can be as fun, flexible and relaxed as you like (but there is some legal stuff which has to be included) or it can be as organised and formal as a special ops exercise! 


Give me a call on 0414 863 495 or send me an email and lets get this party started!!


Renewal of Vows
Canberra Wedding Celebrant

Maybe you and your partner had such a wonderful wedding the first time around and years later are still madly in love... maybe your family is planning a big celebration of some kind so you think, what the hell, lets renew our vows and make the celebration even better!


If renewing your vows is something you would like to do then I'm the celebrant for you :)  We can make things super dooper fun and do the type of ceremony that you maybe didn't get to do the first time!


If this sounds like something you would like to do then please give me a call or send me a message and we'll start the ball rolling!


My number is 0414 863 495 or email me at 



Other 'Wedding' Type Ceremonies!
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Okay so maybe the type of ceremony that you're after doesn't fall into the 'traditional' category.  That's okay because I can do that type of ceremony too... and you can even still wear the big dress (if that's your dream!).


Maybe you just want a commitment ceremony or perhaps you were planning a big party and want to surprise your family and friends by including a 'surprise' wedding? (Bearing in mind that certain legalities have to be adhered to)...


Maybe you just want to do the equivalent of a 'registry office' marriage... Whatever it is, I can do it. 


Give me a call pm 0414 863 495 or send me a message and lets start chatting about how we can make your special celebration happen!